Ryan Realbuto Obituary Rochester Ny, Ryan Realbuto dies aged 97

Ryan Realbuto of Pittsford Mendon High School and St. Bonaventure University’s sociology/criminology studies was driven by an intense desire to serve others; these were his life’s passion. While working full time on community service was certainly part of Ryan’s agenda. He established himself with his own space within Washington D.C.

What Happened to Ryan?

A tragedy hit Washington on Thursday night when volunteer with Capuchin Franciscan Volunteer Corps Ryan, was caught up in what appeared to be an attempted robbery attempt that backfired terribly. D.C. Metro Police reported the event took place while Ryan and two friends were walking home along South Dakota Avenue northeast, when assailants in a car demanded money and due to Ryan’s inability to comply, shots rang out, striking Ryan directly in his stomach; unfortunately three hours later despite treatment efforts he succumbed.

How Is His Family Coping?

News of Ryan’s untimely death has left his loved ones reeling with shock and disbelief, including his mother Janet who expressed her shock over this senseless act. Additionally, Lynn Fenicchia who worked alongside Ryan throughout their lives described him as being kind-hearted with an affinity for helping those less fortunate – something his aunt, Lynn Fenicchia echoes on a GoFundMe page dedicated to raising funds in his honor.

What Impact Has Ryan Had on His Community?

Ryan made a significant mark both locally and in D.C. He worked at Don Bosco Cristo Rey School where he assisted 9th-grade students in workforce preparation – his commitment and willingness to tackle any challenge made him beloved among colleagues, which the institution acknowledged through its heartfelt Facebook post about him.

How Are the Communities Responding?

Ryan touched many communities. St. Bonaventure University where Ryan completed his degree has announced a vigil to honor their former student whose spirit of service and compassion will forever live on in us all. Our condolences to Ryan’s family and friends for this great loss.

What Are the Current Crime Stats in D.C?

Ryan’s death occurred against the backdrop of fluctuating crime rates in Washington, D.C. For example, recent trends show an upsurge in robberies (by 30%) while murders (-62%). Metro police in DC has maintained an arrest rate between 60-70% for murder cases since 2000 with an annual average of 171 murder arrests each year.

What Are We Doing to Find Perpetrators?

In response to this tragedy, D.C. Metro Police are actively pursuing this investigation; offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to arrest. Their urgency can be seen from this offer alone.

How Can People Support Ryan’s Family?

In response to Ryan’s family’s mounting medical, transportation, legal, and funeral costs, his aunt initiated a GoFundMe campaign aiming for $125,000; as an outpouring of love from friends and community has exceeded this target in total contributions have exceeded $112,000. Such overwhelming support stands as testament to both Ryan’s lasting impression on those close to him as well as community solidarity during times of grief.

Remembering Ryan Realbuto: A Legacy of Service and Compassion?

Ryan Realbuto’s life, though tragically cut short, served as an exemplar of hope and service to others. His commitment to helping others, his kind soul and dedication to community service continue to provide inspiration to both those who knew him as well as those learning of his story. Whenever we remember Ryan, his legacy serves as a reminder of the immense impact one individual can make in his community – we should all emulate him by embodying the kindness and service which defined him throughout his lifetime!

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