Robert Hinn Obituary, What Happened To Robert Hinn?

Robert T. Hinn was an esteemed figure in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin for nearly ninety years before passing away at age 87 on February 2, 2020. Born nearby Taycheedah, Robert’s life exemplified integrity and commitment – his formative years helping form strong community and religious ties that would serve him throughout his life – including graduation as class president from North Fond du Lac High School in 1950 – an event which marked a turning point in his leadership and responsibility role for years after.

Military Service

Robert’s devotion to his nation was put on full display when he joined the U.S. Army in November 1952 during the Korean War. His service was marked by diligence and honor until his honorable discharge as Sergeant four years later. This period not only showed his patriotism but also helped develop his character and values which carried over into civilian life.

Family and Community

Robert found happiness and security with Edith Marie Johnson of Menomonie, Wisconsin as his partner for life. Robert also served his community through public service roles at Western Electric and Giddings & Lewis; later serving as Director of Public Works and Building/Zoning Administrator of North Fond du Lac Village. Robert dedicated himself to improving lives within his community through these positions.

A Peaceful Farewell

Robert’s passing at Harbor Haven Health and Rehabilitation Center in 2020 was conducted privately to honor his family’s wishes in their time of grief. His funeral, complete with military honors, served as an indication of how deeply respected and esteemed he was among his community; an appropriate farewell for a man who dedicated his life to service both inside the military and out in civilian roles.

Continued Involvement

Robert was active even after retirement, dedicating over fifty years to St Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church’s choir and various volunteer efforts that demonstrated his deep faith and unfaltering commitment to service. These actions weren’t simply duties for Robert; they represented who he was as an individual who cared deeply about his community.

A Life of Hobbies

Robert enjoyed many hobbies that brought joy to both him and those around him; woodworking, landscaping and sports such as softball and bowling demonstrated his zest for life as well as his capacity for connecting with people from various areas of community life.

A Lasting Legacy

Robert T. Hinn left behind an extraordinary legacy. Professionally, he was revered for his exceptional work ethic and leadership abilities; his contributions to public works and zoning in North Fond du Lac stand as testaments of his commitment to community improvement. However, it was his role at St Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church – serving on its Council and Board of Education among other capacities – that truly defined his life’s work.

Honoring His Values

Honoring His Values Robert’s family continues to honor and uphold his values and traditions, invoking not only tangible contributions he made to his community but also instilling those same values into their family members and those they touched. Robert stands as an inspiring tale of service to others while leading a life filled with faith-based living.

Robert T. Hinn’s life was one marked by devotion, love and service – from his early years in Taycheedah through to Fond du Lac and beyond – where his impactful legacy continues to inspire those he knew and will undoubtedly continue doing so for future generations.

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