Norma Hunt Obituary, And Cause of Death, At 85 Years Old When He Died!

Norma Lynn Knobel Hunt was an embodiment of both kindness and enthusiasm who passed away peacefully on June 4, 2023 in Greenville, Texas. Born March 28 1938 and raising in Richardson High School; during her years there she excelled academically, in basketball and drill team participation – as well as excelling further by enrolling at North Texas State University where she would continue her pursuit for education further still.

What Were Her Early Achievements?

At university, Norma excelled as a leader, heading Chi Omega sorority and garnering titles such as Woman of the Year and Who’s Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges. In pursuit of higher learning she visited Dublin Ireland through Rotary Club fellowship before returning home as an American history instructor at Richardson High School in North Texas.

How Did Norma Influence American Sports?

In 1963, Lamar Hunt made history when they met. Both shared an intense passion for sports; Lamar was drawn in by their shared admiration; Lamar pursued Norma romantically but their pursuit resulted in many important sports milestones being created, most significantly the AFL/NFL merger in 1964 which they married upon. Their lives intertwined as their shared love led Lamar on his pursuit for romance alongside sports history itself – their marriage coincided with key moments like AFL-NFL merger happening simultaneously that year as Lamar made history himself when his marriage coincided with significant moments like AFL/NFL merger taking place simultaneously!

What Role Did Norma Play in Art and Philanthropy?

In addition to sports, Norma and Lamar shared an avid passion for art and philanthropy. Both served as patrons at the Dallas Museum of Art – significantly contributing to its prestige – with Norma contributing her love of Fredric Edwin Church’s “The Icebergs.” Furthermore, their charitable giving extended across Park Cities Presbyterian Church and Dallas Symphony Orchestra as patrons as well.

What Sparked Norma’s Interest in Viticulture?

Her initial interest in winemaking started while on vacation with Lamar to Tuscany. Soon thereafter she acquired Bidwell Creek Vineyard in California to make wine; ultimately producing Bidwell Creek Cabernet Sauvignon known as Perfect Season as proof of her perseverance and innovation in crafting this exquisite vintage.

How Did Norma Fulfil Her Roles as Mother and Grandmother?

Norma took great pride in fulfilling the roles she assumed as mother and grandmother; she was present throughout their lives – attending sporting events for them, cheering at concerts they put on, supporting any endeavor they deemed worthwhile, etc. Her affection for them as “Mimi” made this role especially meaningful to her.

What Was Her Legacy at the Super Bowl?

For Norma and Lamar, attending every Super Bowl since 1976 was an important tradition that they would carry forward after Lamar passed. Following Lamar’s passing, this trend continued through their sons; culminating with witnessing her beloved Chiefs win Super Bowl LVII!

How Did Norma’s Faith Influence Her Life?

Norma held tight to Jesus as she faced all that life presented – her deep faith provided guidance during life’s trials and celebrations alike, providing comfort in times of hardship – even after her passing. Her family believes this strong foundation provided comfort when her time came for them all to say their final goodbyes.

Where and When Will Norma’s Life Be Celebrated?

A celebration will take place Saturday, June 10, at Park Cities Presbyterian Church in Dallas, Texas; visitation will also take place the previous day at Sparkman Hillcrest. These events stand as testimony of her impactful life that was lived out among us all.

How Can One Remember Norma?

Donations may be made in her memory to the Crystal Charity Ball and Council for Life to honor Norma, continuing her legacy of generosity by supporting causes close to her heart.

Norma Lynn Knobel Hunt lived her life with dedication, love, and service at its core. From academic achievements to her impact in sports, arts, philanthropy and beyond; her legacy stands as an inspiring beacon. Norma’s family commitment, strong faith commitment and zest for living left an indelible imprint upon those whom knew her personally as well as institutions she supported.

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