Joe Huttig Obituary Plattsburgh Ny, Remembering Joseph Ludwig Huttig: A Life of Joy Dedication, and Love

Joseph Ludwig Huttig, affectionately known by all as Joe, passed away peacefully at age 34 on November 7, 2023. Born July 1st 1989 to George and Julie Huttig he brought joy and enthusiasm with each breath he took – his laugh being unforgettable; unwavering commitment and lasting memories left an imprintful imprint upon those around him.

Joe had an extremely loving family environment growing up; with parents Charlie, Sam, and Tessa as primary influences in his life as siblings; uncle Logan; niece Zoey; as well as special relationships with niece Zoey and Logan forming the core of this support structure throughout life’s journeys. Joe found solace and guidance through these relationships he relied upon them throughout.

Joe was best known as General Manager at Adirondack Chevrolet Buick of Elizabethtown where his tenure marked by outstanding leadership and work ethics earned him respect from colleagues as well as clients alike.

How Did Sports Shape Joe’s Life?

Joe was passionate about sports – an avid follower of Knicks, Giants and golf greats such as Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant found great joy and inspiration from athletics. Additionally, his own sporting journey was truly impressive with achievements in soccer, basketball and golf during high school and college years.

What Role Have Athletics Played in Joe’s Life?

At Ithaca College, Joe played an instrumental role in golf team competition. Additionally, during high school years his athletic talent shone through as four-year varsity soccer starter, two-time division champion in basketball and six-time conference winner for golf were just some of his many achievements in various sports.

How Did Joe Meet His Wife?

Joe first met Amanda during a trip to the Hollywood sign in 2010. Almost instantly their romance flourished into an ever-deepening lifelong partnership full of mutual affection for family and friends alike – their bond becoming one of joy, support, love, respect and mutual admiration between one another.

What Were Joe’s Personal Interests and Passions?

In addition to his professional accomplishments and athletic prowess, Joe held great affection for Polly and Bogey his feline companions. Joe held both an undergraduate degree from Ithaca College as well as an advanced masters’ in innovative media management from Syracuse University which were testaments of his diverse interests and pursuits.

How Did Joe Contribute to His Community?

Joe’s influence went far beyond his immediate circle. Known for providing guidance and joy into children of close friends’, his commitment to personal growth and innovative thinking earned him respect from many in his community.

What Is Joe’s Lasting Legacy?

Joe left an inspiring legacy, which includes love, dedication and the pursuit of joy for those he touched – such as Amanda Vitullo Huttig who remains his wife; parents; siblings; niece and nephew; brother-in-law/sister-in-law arrangements, grandparents/godparents etc – his spirit remains inspirational today for everyone who knew him.

How Can We Honor Joe’s Memory?

Honoring Joe’s Memory means celebrating all that he represented – joy, dedication and love. His legacy encourages us to cherish relationships we hold dear, pursue our passions with enthusiasm, and leave a positive mark wherever life leads. Joe’s journey empowers us all to live fully with purpose; keeping his spirit alive through us all.

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