Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth Forbes, Family, Career & More

Jimmy Kimmel is a beloved American television host renowned for blending humor, entertainment and business acumen into one remarkable legacy. Born November 13 1967 in Brooklyn New York City, Kimmel began his entertainment journey during the 1990s – initially starting off as a radio host before transitioning into television hosting “Win Ben Stein’s Money” on Comedy Central as co-host of game show “Win Ben Stein’s Money”. From there his career would grow into one of America’s favorite late night hosts.

Kimmel is best known as the host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” an ABC late-night talk show since 2003. His trademark blend of irreverent humor and compassionate interviewing has garnered him numerous Emmy Awards as well as significant financial rewards – his net worth as of 2023 had increased from $41 million in 2018 to over $72 million by 2023! Additionally, ABC pays him an annual salary of $6 Million which speaks volumes of their value and popularity within the network.

Investments and Royalties

Kimmel has displayed his financial acumen through strategic investments. His portfolio features government securities and stock market investments that have made an immense contribution to his wealth. Furthermore, Kimmel has capitalized on literary publishing with best-selling book royalties of millions which further diversifies his income sources and ensure long-term financial security and growth.

Real Estate Empire

Kimmel’s success extends far beyond television and the stock market; it includes real estate investment. He owns over five properties across America that generate rental income – his monthly earnings exceed $900,000 from this portfolio – while also accruing over $1 Million yearly in interest from government bonds and securities investments.

Kimmel stands out among his real estate portfolio with his stunning 13,000-square-foot mansion in Hollywood Hills – a 13,000 square-foot oasis featuring a home theater, gym, pool and spa as well as gorgeous city views from every room in his house. Inside its luxurious surroundings can be found high ceilings, marble floors and modern appliances that speak volumes about elegance and comfort. Furthermore, he owns another vacation property in Palm Springs for added prestige in his collection of properties.

Kimmel’s Car Collection

A look inside Kimmel’s garage reveals his affinity for luxury vehicles, such as his Range Rover Sport (purchased for $180,000), Aston Martin DBX (220K), Volvo XC90, BMW X7 and Lincoln Corsair collection that show his appreciation of both style and performance.

Philanthropy and Advocacy

Beyond his professional and financial achievements, Kimmel is deeply committed to philanthropy. He actively supports various charities including Children’s Hospital Los Angeles as well as healthcare advocacy efforts through his platform aimed at making healthcare available and affordable to all Americans.

Personal Life

Kimmel has led an equally fulfilling personal life. He has been married twice and father to two sons; his passion for sports such as basketball and football often makes an appearance on his show, reflecting his personal tastes. Additionally, he has ventured into acting roles such as appearances in “The Office” and movies like “Ted 2”.

Jimmy Kimmel’s story of success goes far beyond financial achievements; it encompasses diverse talents and pursuits ranging from hosting, comedy, investments and philanthropy. His steady rise to wealth and influence stands as testament to hard work, strategic thinking and his dedication to entertainment and social good. Jimmy remains a prominent figure on American television and beyond – an example for others to emulate in living a fulfilling and successful life.

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