Ed Broadbent Obituary, A Life Dedicated To Public Service And Social Justice

Ed Broadbent was an outstanding Canadian politician and academic who passed away peacefully in Ottawa, Ontario, on January 11 2024. Born March 21, 1936 in Oshawa to Percy Broadbent a General Motors worker and Mary Welsh an homemaker – Oshawa set the scene for Ed’s lifelong commitment to social justice and political engagement.

What Influenced His Early Years?

Broadbent took an early interest in politics and academia. After enrolling at University of Toronto for undergraduate philosophy studies – graduating in 1959 – followed by postgraduate work at Londona School of Economics and Political Science before earning his doctorate of political sciences degree there in 1966, these formative years would play a critical role in molding both his political ideology and academic pursuits.

How Did He Enter Politics?

Broadbent began his political career when elected to the House of Commons from Oshawa-Whitby representing the New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP). Soon thereafter he established himself as an outspoken champion of social justice issues; later rising up through its ranks to lead it for seven years before leaving politics altogether in 1989 as one of Canada’s premier figures.

What Were His Political Contributions?

Broadbent was influential during his time as NDP Leader in pushing through policies focused on social justice and equality. His political career was marked by consistent fight for rights of vulnerable persons. When he returned as MP of Ottawa Centre from 2004 – 2006 – further demonstrated his longstanding dedication to public service.

What Did He Do After Politics?

Since leaving politics behind him, Broadbent continued to shape public dialogue as president of the International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development (Rights and Democracy). Furthermore, in 2011 he founded and became a board member at Broadbent Institute – remaining active both as founder and board member throughout his lifetime and teaching political science at different Canadian and overseas universities.

Who Was Broadbent And His Personal Interests

Broadbent was both an influential politician and a life-loving individual who appreciated life’s simpler pleasures. A firm believer in joy’s politics, Broadbent could often be found finding pleasure through music videos, movies, barbecues and spending quality time outdoors as well as spending it with his loved ones and close companions – whether discussing books over coffee or recalling recent travel adventures while sipping red wine was always welcome! His friendship was deeply valued.

Who Survives Him?

Broadbent leaves behind his loved ones including Frances Abele as his partner; children Paul and Christine as well as four grandchildren Nicole Gareth Caitlin Brett Alice Freya Alice Meiksins Wood Lucille Broadbent as former spouses with one more ex-partner being present: ex-wife Yvonne Yamaoka who remains his surviving ex-partner and is also his biological wife.

How Will He Be Remembered?

Broadbent will be best remembered by his lifelong commitment to fighting for equality and social justice initiatives across Canada. His impactful contributions made a profound mark on Canadian politics as a whole.

What Are The Details of His State Funeral?

A state funeral in honour of John Edward Broadbent will take place at 4:00 p.m. on January 28, 2024 at Carleton Dominion-Chalmers Centre in Ottawa and be broadcast live by CBC/Radio-Canada television as well as streaming platforms allowing all Canadians an opportunity to remember him for his remarkable life and celebrate this important event in Canadian history.

How Can People Pay Their Respects

In lieu of flowers, Broadbent’s family have asked that donations to his Institute, Amnesty International and Doctors Without Borders should be made in his memory. Condoleances may also be shared at canada.ca/book-of-condolences until January 29, 2024 while tributes can also be shared via broadbentlegacy.ca

Ed Broadbent lived his life exemplifying his faith in a more equitable world, making Canadian politics and his pursuit of social justice better. We honor and remember his profound contribution while continuing his advocacy work for better future. When we say farewell to such an inspiring Canadian, let us remember his profound legacy while carrying forward his spirit for change in a better tomorrow.

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