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Deepinder Goyal, CEO and Founder of Zomato, has made waves in the entrepreneurial scene since founding Zomato in 2004, now taking his expertise onto Shark Tank India Season 3. His journey embodies both remarkable business acumen and charitable acts – here is an exclusive peek into his achievements and lifestyle:

Professional Journey and Shark Tank India:

Deepinder Goyal recently made headlines when he joined Shark Tank India Season 3, an entrepreneurial platform featuring emerging entrepreneurs such as OYO Rooms founder Ritesh Agarwal. He follows other notable entrepreneurs into joining this show such as OYO Rooms founder Ritesh Agarwal as featured guests.

Deepinder has played an instrumental role in Zomato’s growth and expansion as CEO, turning it into one of the premier food delivery services both domestically and abroad.
Financial Insights:

Deepinder Goyal currently boasts an estimated net worth of roughly Rs 2023 crore – showing significant progress since his net worth stood at approximately INR 650 Million back in 2021.
Salary and Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPs):Initially earning an annual salary of Rs 3 crore, he decided to forego it for 36 months before realising substantial value from ESOPs, part of which has been donated towards charitable causes.

Car Collection:

Deepinder Goyal’s passion for luxury cars can be seen through his impressive collection, which boasts several models such as:

Ferrari Roma: An exquisite masterpiece valued at Rs 4.76 crore that stands out with both elegance and performance, along with Porsche 911 Turbo S which stands as an icon for engineering excellence at Rs 3.35 crore and Lamborghini Urus which combines luxuriousness and power at prices ranging between Rs 4.18 crore to 4.22 crore respectively.

Deepinder Goyal has demonstrated his philanthropy by contributing an iconic sports car worth Rs 2.31 crore – the Porsche Carrera S – valued at Rs 2.31 crore to charity through donations worth an impressive ESOP proceeds amount of Rs 700 crore to Zomato Foundation which works towards supporting delivery partner welfare.

Deepinder Goyal has made significant contributions to literature outside his entrepreneurial and philanthropic activities, penning a book entitled Culture which details startup ethos while sharing his insight and expertise in building a prosperous startup ecosystem.

Deepinder Goyal’s journey from founding Zomato to appearing as an expert judge on Shark Tank India as well as engaging in charitable initiatives is emblematic of his multidimensional nature and commitment to both business excellence and social responsibility.

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