Dale Haley Obituary, What Happened To Dale Haley?

Dale A. Haley passed away peacefully at New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Jacksonville, North Carolina at age 86 on January 30th 2023 after dedicating his life to family, nation, and God. Born to Lee A. and Anne S. Haley of Lee A. and Anne S. Haley respectively; Dale was known to cherish each moment spent devoted to them all throughout his journey of faith, family life, and nationhood.

What was Dale’s Early Life and Family Relationships Like?

Dale grew up alongside four siblings – Betty Woods, Rose Ellen Stratton, Lee A. Haley Jr. and Lloyd S. Haley – in California before losing both parents as well as three of his siblings before marrying Linda B. Haley for 66 years and sharing close ties with Lisa H. Brewer and David A. Haley as children. Despite the tragedies in life he experienced along the way he maintained strong family ties despite suffering the losses – particularly after losing both parents along with three of his siblings as he displayed strong family ties evident by sharing close relationships between himself and Lisa H Brewer/Haley/ Haley which strengthened relationships within families as he shared memories shared within families despite loss.

What Was His Career in the Military?

Dale was dedicated to service throughout his 30 year military career with the United States Marine Corps and received recognition with a Purple Heart medal recognizing his outstanding bravery and devotion to country.

How Did Dale Impact His Community and Family?

Its Dale, known for his sense of humor and penchant for practical jokes, was not only an accomplished veteran but an esteemed husband, father, Christian and family man. His zest for life spread joy throughout his community while golf, yard work and watching Clemson Football were hobbies which brought great pleasure both personally and communally.

What was Dale’s Role in Faith?

Dale held faith close, as evidenced by his frequent attendance of Enon Chapel Baptist Church where he regularly worshiped. This helped guide his journey through both hardship and celebration alike.

What were Dale’s Unique Attributes?

Friends and family frequently remembered Dale for his ability to bring laughter into any room with his charm and his deep affection for Mongo the cat showed he had soft side to balance out his tough Marine exterior.

How Can We Remember Dale?

A service will be held to honor Dale on February 6th. Beginning with family visitation at Enon Chapel Baptist Church (103 Barbara Avenue in Jacksonville NC from 12:00-1:00), followed by his memorial service from 1-3 pm followed by burial at Coastal Carolina Veteran’s State Cemetery for all those committed service members from 12:00-2.

What Legacy Did Dale Leave Behind?

Dale A. Haley leaves behind an immeasurable legacy of dedication to service, love for life and laughter-inducing abilities in others. His life story stands as testament to what an impactful individual can do through service, kindness and humor.

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