Charles Allgood Obituary, Who Is Charles Allgood? What Happened To Charles Allgood?

Charles Quinton Allgood was an esteemed figure in both military and federal civil service who passed away January 4th 2024 in Dothan. Born September 7, 1943 in Trussville Alabama to Charles Quinton Downs and Dora Ellen Simpson Downs he witnessed significant change early in life with their separation and mother’s remarriage to Alton Conrad Allgood resulting in himself and brother Johnny being adopted with Allgood names by Alton Conrad Allgood’s new spouse Alton Conrad Allgood as adoptees by Alton Conrad Allgood; thus becoming adopted and given allgood surnames by him & Johnny Allgood themselves!

What Defined Charles’ Early Career?

Charles made history early on in his military career by serving with the Army National Guard during the Cuban Missile Crisis and later enrolling into regular army service with Basic Training at Fort Jackson in South Carolina followed by Military Police School at Fort Gordon in Georgia. Dedicated service included Military Police operations across all fifty states as well as serving with Army Criminal Investigation Division Command’s Criminal Investigation Division Command as a Special Agent (CIDC). Charles also deployed internationally including France, West Germany and South Korea where his service took him around CIDC headquarters for Special Agent dutiesHow Did Charles Advance His Military Career?

Charles displayed extraordinary skill and commitment throughout his military career. In 1976 while serving at Fort Wainwright CID Office Alaska he was promoted to Chief Warrant Officer 1. With subsequent promotions for expertise in white-collar crimes such as fraud waste abuse (FW&A) his expertise was recognized leading up to appointment at CIDC Headquarters Virginia as Chief Warrant Officer 4 in 1982. Charles placed equal importance on education obtaining degrees in Criminal Justice as well as Management & Supervision before engaging in postgraduate Leadership studies (where applicable).

What Were His Post-Military Accomplishments?

After retiring from the Army in 1992, Charles launched his postmilitary career at the Office of DoD Inspector General in Arlington Virginia as a Hotline Investigator specializing in fraud, waste and abuse crimes that saved millions in tax money for taxpayers. Due to his dedication and skill he earned a promotion as Deputy Director for Hotline Investigations until finally taking retirement in 2008.

What were Charles’ Personal Interests?

Charles pursued many varied pursuits. An enthusiastic traveler, he frequently explored countries all over the globe with Angela as their tour guides. Charles enjoyed history immensely and visited Revolutionary and Civil War battlefields in America as well as World War II sites throughout Europe and was an enthusiastic fisherman; taking fishing excursions anywhere from Alabama’s Tombigbee Rivers and Black Warrior River to fishing spots on England’s English Channel!

How Did Charles Affect His Community?

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Charles was actively engaged with his local community. He served as an active member in several groups like Disabled American Veterans, Fraternal Order of Police and National Active and Retired Federal Employees; at Episcopal Church of the Nativity Dothan his involvement was immense – serving on its Security Team and helping create its Memorial Garden.

What Will Charles Allgood Be Remembered For?

Charles Allgood leaves behind an inspiring legacy of courage, dedication, and service to both military and federal institutions alike. His career shows his dedication to protecting his nation while his personal life was filled with adventure, learning and community service projects; these were testaments of an amazing individual whose impactful life can still be felt today.

How Can We Honor Charles Allgood’s Memory?

In Charles Allgood’s honor, an episcopal church service will take place at Episcopal Church of the Nativity in Dothan on April 15th at 1PM with donations made in lieu of flowers to The Wounded Warriors Project; his burial will follow at Arlington National Cemetery as fitting memorial service tribute.

Charles Quinton Allgood was an unflappable local figure, revered by all. His journey from being a young boy in Trussville to an influential member of his community stands as testimony of his strength, commitment, and zest for living life – leaving a mark not only upon those closest to him but on institutions too. Charles is an example of an individual making an indelible mark through service to both country and community with their life lived fully – while providing invaluable lessons about serving one’s nation and locality while making an impressionful mark through selflessness on others’s part. Charles reminds us about serving one’s country/community thus living one’s own unique legacy!

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