Wade Benz Obituary, Did Wade Benz Suicide?

Gary “Wade” Benz Jr, known to friends and family simply as Wade, made an immeasurable mark on his community before his untimely passing on January 26, 2024. Wade wasn’t only beloved to those close to him – as an attentive father/husband/son/brother/uncle/grandson but also an inspiring mentor whose quick wit, warm smiles and engaging conversation brought … Read more

Charles Allgood Obituary, Who Is Charles Allgood? What Happened To Charles Allgood?

Charles Quinton Allgood was an esteemed figure in both military and federal civil service who passed away January 4th 2024 in Dothan. Born September 7, 1943 in Trussville Alabama to Charles Quinton Downs and Dora Ellen Simpson Downs he witnessed significant change early in life with their separation and mother’s remarriage to Alton Conrad Allgood … Read more

Austin Morris Obituary, How Did He Died Austin Morris?

Austin Morris was an extraordinary 25-year-old from West Monroe, LA who left us too soon on January 15, 2022. Born October 10 1996 and diagnosed with Down Syndrome and Autism as infant, Austin lived an exceptional life that brought happiness to all those he encountered despite this circumstance. His spirit will live on for all … Read more

Charles Osgood Cause Of Death, How Did He Died?

Charles Osgood was known for his elegant and profound broadcast journalism style and died at age 91 on Friday, leaving an indelible mark in news circles worldwide. A graduate from Fordham University with his Bachelors’ in 1954, Osgood quickly found a niche as a classical music DJ before making headlines from “CBS Sunday Morning.” Later … Read more

Forrest Culotta Obituary, A Virtuoso’s Legacy in Music

Forrest Culotta was an award-winning multifaceted musician renowned for his extraordinary abilities as a producer, mixer, bassist, and lead guitarist. His creative prowess went far beyond simply playing instruments; his musical imagination extended well beyond conventional boundaries of creativity. Forrest’s technical prowess were recognized not just through technical knowledge alone but by virtue of the … Read more

James Mancini Obituary, Causes & Death, What Happened To James Mancini?

James Mancini was an outstanding employee for Crown Underground LLC in Kimball, Minnesota who will always be remembered fondly due to his remarkable dedication and kindness. Unfortunately, James died suddenly due to a tragic accident which has devastated both his community and family members alike. James made an indelible mark upon those around him with … Read more