Amanda Hanson Obituary, A Tribute To A Pioneering Journalist And Beloved Memphian Amanda Hanson

Amanda Hanson was an outstanding journalist who left an indelible mark on Memphis media landscape. Renowned for her unfailing dedication and creative flair, Hanson passed away suddenly at only 38 leaving behind an exceptional digital journalism legacy.

Hanson was raised in Memphis and made it her life’s mission to embody its spirit through her career. In 2021 she returned home and joined Action News 5 as its Leader of Digital Innovation; an unprecedented mission which revolutionized news delivery online.

What Was Her Impact at Action News 5?

After joining Action News 5 as Digital Desk director in 2021, Amanda Hanson quickly established herself as an essential member of its digital presence by spearheading innovative strategies to expand online news coverage and shaping digital strategies that were instrumental to strengthening its digital footprint. Amanda is remembered by colleagues as being tireless worker who went the extra mile in service of quality journalism delivery.

Under Hanson’s direction, Action News 5’s Digital Desk thrived and quickly became an essential piece of their news coverage. Her approach went beyond simply keeping up with digital trends – she helped shape them! Hanson had one clear mission – she wanted Action News 5 to become an industry leader when it comes to digital journalism both locally and beyond Memphis.

How Did Hanson’s Early Career Influence Her Journey?

Hanson began her journalism journey long before she started at Action News 5. Her path was marked by notable stops at other news organizations – most notably KAIT Arkansas where she spent several stints between 2010 to 2015 and again between 2018-2021, honing various roles that contributed to her development into becoming an expert digital media analyst.

Hanson made her mark at KAIT by demonstrating an aptitude for storytelling and an exceptional knowledge of digital media landscape. These experiences laid a firm foundation for later successes; providing her with insights necessary for leading and innovating in an increasingly fast-moving industry.

What Will be Her Legacy?

Amanda Hanson left an indelible mark beyond professional achievements. Colleagues and friends remember her not just for her professional expertise but for her vibrant personality as well. Always quick with a smile or helping hand, her dedication to journalism matched only by her affection for Memphis; both community pillars! Her presence will surely be missed by both Memphis journalists as well as Memphis locals.

Hanson left an indelible mark on digital journalism that will last long after she is gone. Not just a journalist; Hanson redefined what digital news coverage could entail and her approach – innovative, inclusive, and always forward thinking – will continue to inspire future generations of journalists.

What Can Aspiring Journalists Learn From Her Career?

Amanda Hanson serves as an invaluable lesson plan for young journalists wanting to make it in digital media, especially those looking to break in as digital storytellers. Her career journey exemplifies adaptability, creativity and an emphasis on community connections as essential ingredients of a successful journalist. Hanson showed that successful journalists don’t simply tell stories but are instead innovators and community advocates as well as storytellers.

Hanson’s career serves as an inspiring lesson to anyone seeking to follow in her footsteps; her success can be traced to her willingness to experiment and push the envelope, always with the aim of better serving her audience.

How Are Community Reacting to Her Death?

Amanda Hanson’s untimely demise has sent shockwaves through Memphis and journalistic circles alike, prompting tributes from colleagues, viewers, and fellow Memphians all sharing one message – Hanson wasn’t just an experienced journalist – she was someone special who touched lives deeply as both friend, mentor, and inspiration.

Her death represents not just a great loss for journalism but for Memphis itself as she tirelessly championed Memphis community interests. Hanson went far beyond simply reporting news; instead she championed Memphis citizens by telling their stories with compassion and care.

What Are Our Plans to Honor Amanda Hanson’s Memory?

Plans are underway to commemorate Amanda Hanson and Action News 5 are leading this effort. While exact details have yet to be finalized, any tribute should reflect Hanson’s spirit and legacy; ideas include scholarships for aspiring journalists or community initiatives in her honor that ensure her passion continues inspiring and making a difference today and forever more.

Amanda Hanson’s passing is an irreparable loss, yet her legacy will endure. Her life and career stand as testament to journalism’s capacity to inform, empower and transform communities; her passing leaves an irreplaceable hole. Amanda will always be remembered fondly not just for what she accomplished in life but for touching countless lives along her path.

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